Awesome Design, Bookshelf Apartment Ideas from Triptygue Studio

Unique design by Triptyque Studio for Houssein Jarouche, owner of the design boutique Micasa in São Paulo – a bookshelf become an apartment, awesome ideas for some people that wanted an extraordinary design for its home.
The distinctive element of the common home of giant curve of the library, it seems, is formed by the most important area of the house.Here is some description from Triptyque: ” This project embodies the idea of global design – it’s a completely artistic project. A contemporaneous and singular architectural plan is established from the layout to the faucets. The apartment was planned as a great gallery with aligned rooms without an established function. The goal was to stimulate unexpected occupations and give a certain gratitude to the spaces. The main concept was to work the space as whole unit, divided in smaller rooms. ” [source]