Astounding Temple Building in India, the Lotus Temple

In New Delhi, India, an astounding temple building was built and it’s called The Lotus Temple. You have buildings that make both functionally and aesthetically. Therefore, they are often inspired by nature, in plants and how to help those around them. For example, this beautiful temple in India, known as the Lotus Temple, because it looks like a lotus flower. lotus traditional symbol of India and Indians just love and use it whenever they want to decorate your home or women.
Architect of this masterpiece was Fariborz Sahba and the building was completed in 1986. It seems that the lotus flower with petals sitting at the top, some more than others, and some of them are located in the base of the parties. It shows the beauty and expresses that the architect wanted to say, and should therefore be regarded as expressionist style. It is assumed that the building of great beauty, and often was the “Taj Mahal of the 20 th century” and has received many awards for its unique architecture.[source]