Astounding House Architecture for a Mountain Residence

This mountain residence has classic-industrial feel touching in their house architecture, it is Olson Kundig Architects work with astounding result of a house architecture. Located on the wooded shores of Lake Idaho will be a modern hotel at first glance, advanced conversion of former industrial buildings, may be factory or plant.
Residence is an open and airy, with ceiling plate appears to float a few meters from the walls of concrete. Mechanical muse set the tone for the house is original to act as a wall with a large window on a huge pulley home to Lake openly addressed. All of these elements in the entire industry at home, with an emphasis on strength and shine in a huge fire in the furnace-like, open-edged seams, a huge steel door, two-story roof of steel beams, clerestory framing. They finished plywood, heated modern furniture upholstery colors are blue and a breathtaking view of the lake and distant mountains.[source]