Watervilla De Omval of Amstel River Floating House, Modern Houseboat from Amsterdam

A modern house boat built in Amstel river-Amsterdam, Watervilla De Omval is a 200 square meter floating house. There is a 31 architects Unlike most of the house boat is very modern, developed without the characteristic appearance of the house boat. The boat has an open floor plan where everyone can enjoy views of the water. The distinctive curve of the facade of this directly from the anguish and loss that the ship does not get more than three meters above the water. living room and kitchen are located on the seafront. Due to a panoramic view over the Amstel River. After the living room and kitchen bedroom in a departmental level. breaking open the way to the first floor of the boat. White walls and ceiling plaster to monitor the facade, creating a seamless transition from exterior to interior. [source]