Twins Apartment Ideas in Seattle

These are pictures of Veer Lofts, twins apartment for your apartment or house interior ideas that located in Seattle. It is the description of the project below: “‘These lofts were staged with the areas demographics in mind. Veer Lofts is located in Seattle’s new South Lake Union neighborhood; catering to hip, busy professionals and calls for modern, clean lines to maximize space. These small, but well designed lofts leave plenty of room for dining and living areas, but presented a challenge with peoples’ perceptions. When vacant, potential buyers couldn’t see how their lifestyle would fit within the confines of the space. By bringing in full sized furniture (not apartment sized), we were able to showcase a complete living area with sofa, accent chairs, cocktail and side tables. The dining area was approached in the same manner, demonstrating that there was plenty of room for a plethora of lifestyles from a Sunday brunch to a sit-down dinner party. For the bedroom, we brought in a full bedroom set to show how the room can accommodate a potential residents furnishings. We chose neutral tones for furniture and color for accessories and artwork; using warm reds, greens and blues. Lastly we added greenery and lighting to bring light and life to the room.” [source] [photos]