Salvador Dali Great New Museum Building

The brand new Salvador Dali museum just opened this January in Sankt Petersburg, Florida, USA and this building has great architecture instead of the brilliant and eccentric painting style of Dali’s. As you can imagine, the Salvador Dali Museum can be placed in an eccentric, since it determines the identity of the artist’s surrealist. And the people of HOK, a company that has this incredible futuristic developed a great job. Building a mad mix of cement and glass, concrete cube in a glass-enclosed atrium, seemingly fragile, it also serves as a lantern, so that for natural sunlight.
glass bulb is made of small triangles huge glasses stuck together and it’s great tunnels, “worms”. The team of professional designers under the effective control of Yann Weymoth and the overall result was amazing. One more thing before you finish: they also had to consider the frequent hurricanes in the region and trying the best way to find all the basics. [source]