Rafael De Cardenas with Great Interior Ideas

Knowing Rafael De Cardenas as interior designer was not fault, these are his great design and ideas of interior design. Well, here’s your chance to get a virtual tour of the country Rafael de Cardenas, a very creative one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan instead. After the description we received via email, “the current configuration, as a consequence of the accumulation of decorations. The interior is full of works of art that he bought or traded with friends, that he inherited from his mother .. or buy on eBay, and the remnants of an earlier paper De Cardenas is shaded in black and white logo of the rest of the interior, and their own interests than their design philosophy – not the contemporary art world, and nostalgic items from the stolen his mother’s house. “We love the artistic energy in this house, as well as colorful and Forms life. But most of all, we honor the originality and charm of the house, despite his appearance a bit cramped. [source]