Old Mansion Turn In to Amazing Apartment

This amazing apartment has old mansion as its shelter built in Belgium, in the city of Ghent. The first thing I see that there is no door to the apartment. owner did not like the door, so that the room was opened and the interior design focuses on the placement of furniture. Exquisite furniture was carefully selected to complement the interior of the house. main color as the background in black and white. Details such as a refrigerator yellow or light brown couch with a dazzling white walls. Black storage along the wall in the room from end to end. Large windows sunlight spreads across the room and make this area an open field of dreams. apartment complexes in the room troubled vintage leather Bambole B & B, sitting on the carpet is a great time. Everything in this house, it seems to us to remember a simple place full of personality – home to many favorite items. [pictures]