Modern Apartment Ideas, Cozy Living Place from Stadshem

This apartment collection you can found on Stadshem, this modern apartment ideas has cozy environment for a living place. As soon as you walk in the door a small hall, causing a rustic style. But if you adapt to the environment once seems to shine through the modern line of furniture and black levels are defined. Short, narrow hallway into the living room, where we have a break in the sound design with space for peaceful coexistence. Hall is a bit rough, but soft sofa, which gives the impression of a fun, inflatable space. Details of Fuchsia and soften the overall look of the room. Then the kitchen: a beautiful dark tiled room, in contrast to the fat white furniture. Another colorful rugs rustic room lighting while blind stripped remnants of bright colors. a small corner room with a modern version of the joy of new rural family table. room seems a bit old-fashioned covers, but the same rustic style with contemporary design. The bathroom is fairly simple, not surprisingly, the eye, but the rest of the house beautiful home town. [source]