Interesting House Design from Bakers Architecten in Netherlands

There are an interesting house design was completed built by Bakers Architecten in the Netherlands. Built in 1100 m2, in a place that was empty for many years, “Het Zwarte Huis” (Black House) is one of the households that have decided to black – and it is not unusual for a new home in the architecture of recent years. Located in the museum district of Utrecht, south of downtown, the House of Blackheads, in fact, six apartment buildings, which includes the offices of Baker Architects. Ocupy lower level offices and other facilities at the following levels. This is a semi-underground parking fee for cars of residents and can be reached by elevator. Staircase leads to the opening of corridors in the upper levels, people can enter their homes. Glass facade provides natural daylight lower level offices, which connects the heart street. [source]