Great Beachfront House Design from Hughes Umbanhowar

This 3,600 square feet beach house is designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. It nests in between the coast and the road along the narrow space on the north coast of Iceland, Jupiter, Florida. The house is decorated in a modern style, both at home and picturesque coastal town of elegant island. Sleeping, entertainment space, and space for contemplation: The house consists of three areas. Each segment is sensitive to light and is oriented to capture views. sintered ceramic kitchen and dining Visual transparency and south two-story space game entertainment. Face texture of a bedroom on the northern aspects of the ancient wisdom of wearing a stone, a sensitivity to an intimate tea soft light of morning and the world simultaneously. use the pool on the terrace on the roof, views east and south. Considered whether up or down, strong language Pool, visual and visceral reference to the thin wavy line in the dark, or light blue wide range of lunch. During the day, the cool blue water transferred, and converted the living room through the window at the bottom of the pool built. the dynamic interaction of light and shadow animates the space below,. Located on the seafront, the hotel offers direct access to water, and so a direct relationship with the place of spontaneity and life on the island. [source]