Colorful Hotel Design, First Malaysian World Class Hotel

This is some pictures of the first hotel in Malaysia that have world class hotel rate, its building were colorful and cheerful design. Malaysia is one of the countries of Asia, which have great tourism and need a lot of places for tourists. So I guess that’s the reason why you will find the third largest hotel in the world by number of rooms, not in the area or number of floors. It’s called the First World Hotel and is located in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. This was actually the largest hotel in the world until January 2008 when he was captured by the Venetian in Las Vegas.
There are a total of 6,118 rooms and floors 28 and is world famous for its colorful facade. If you face the building, to be able to see a rainbow of colors and covers a wide field, as it also includes a theme park and its surroundings.
The architecture of this building is not so impressive and unusual because it was too big and strong enough to be, all of these areas, it is not grace. But there is something majestic about it, and happiness, what you see when you are. If you can only see some of the photos you do not have, its size is clear when you are in front of her. Great place to visit in any case. [source]