Bright and Fresh Apartment Ideas on Stadshem

Stadshem provide this bright and fresh looking apartment idea. All information provided by designers who have worked to create interior of the house to produce a feeling of luxury collected. white walls in every room compounded elements, improving its simplicity: a dark band passes through the roof, wall, which shows a small portion of the fireplace, wood and stone. apartment on the top floor, so almost every wall in the corner. Many windows make for bright sunlight is necessary to emphasize, elected to contemporary furniture and decor is good. small balcony has room for only one table and four chairs, but not enough space for coffee in the morning to enjoy the air Frisk. Although the apartment is not large, the rooms have been fully utilized. memory footprint of each corner, but I think that comfort was not changed. The wooden stairs with metal rods connect the class to the bedroom. Each room is connected to the next and almost invisible walls that separate living quarters. [source]