Beautiful House Architecture in South Africa, An Award Winner Design

This is an award winner house design of 2010 Honor Award from the American Society and Landscape Architects, beautiful The Bridle Road Residence were built in Cape Town, South. The project architect Antonio Zaninovic, and even designed the interiors Rice Roberts & Associates. The house jack on the base of Table Mountain National Parks and Protected surrounded on three sides. ANU account with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the town of El Puerto, at one time. One of the best features of the house son of the rear deck, garden, waterfall in the side of a house built, and a natural pool. Pool ecologically balanced and self-purification of blood by means of plants, gravel and sand. Movement of the pool to the pool water at the top without a private terrace. Then on the side of the house waterfall flows over a window of UN-bath and sauna inside washed. This side of the house is really not a big selling point for a long time. [source]