Beautiful Homey Villa in Pattaya Thailand

A beautiful villa built in Pattaya Thailand with homey and comfortable style. I think Thailand is very exotic, because he has an incredible tradition, and especially when it comes to food, drink, architecture and everything else will come. But sometimes, this tradition is mixed with modern elements, and combined in a way lucky that leads to a beautiful result. The best examples of Villa I want to be in Pattaya, Thailand pickup is built, but there are many features that Western technology and comfort to give.
This villa stands out for its simplicity and the fact that the dark-blue pool is more profound and dangerous, meaning there is a swimming pool. So simple and beautiful, but you still have everything you need. The villa is very spacious with many rooms and large windows that let in the sun. You can get a taste of those, both inside and outside, and his only desire now set to move as soon as possible.