Astonishing NY Penthouse, Luxury and Exquisite Design of Sotheby

It’s a portfolio of Sotheby’s amazing apartment collection, an astonishing NY penthouse that so luxurious and has exquisite design. In New York `S beautiful area of Tribeca, has a penthouse expand the space, which is more than 10.000 square feet, designed and meticulously maintained, so that luxury can be seen on every street corner. From the side you see the huge glass windows that flood the interior of the sun and absorb not worry. large room used to create stunning rooms. The kitchen has a breakfast room, providing interior design, you can take your breath away and gourmet wine preservation composures 1.000 bottles of wine will reach nirvana. Cozy fireplaces Sims accompany meals and at night a different meaning at the same time enjoy the sunset on the terrace. [source]