Huge Russian-Siberian House Design, Fairy Tales Dream Homes

A fairy tales looking houses built in 640 square meter area and located in Novokuznetsk, Russia, this dream home just look as electic Russian-Siberian house. Design by Tatyana Rozhkov, as Russian folk tale, which meet all modern requirements for a comfortable life. The house is made with the signing of Siberia and the quality of the pine logs of 260 mm. The room is flooded with sunlight through the beautiful architecture of the house. The family is the main contact person for this room. It is seven feet tall and fine ceramics. Each of the four sides has its own history and color. To create a combination of natural wood, leather, metal and ceramics in the house, the influence of “old noble.” Fantastic oak staircase with another center of the house. The uniqueness of this cottage, called the history of Siberia, the entire interior of a full custom designs of various artists.