Half Parts of Old House Renovated into Modern Style Architecture

This old house used in ‘In Bruges’ movie -film starred by Colin Farrell-, it’s a old renovated house in half parts of it is a modern style architecture. Do you know movies? If not, then you should know that Bruges is a very old city with many old buildings. This small town house is one of them, but was recently renovated architects 51N4E. The house is located in the historic downtown business Brig was before the upgrade. Double-height space, completely covered with wooden planks as the arch, which rises gradually asymmetrical design of a large tree in a nearby garden begins. The old house was renovated with new flooring in parts, and new colors for the facades, walls and ceilings. Custom kitchen cabinets with built-in fireplace is a workspace, the new center at home. The house has a large lit winter garden. Interior excellent example of how cool and modern classic styles mixed. [source]