Contemporary Meet Modern in Brazilian Apartment Design

A father and his son separated this apartment for they living space in Sao Paulo Brazil which designed by Piratininga Arquitetos Associados. Customers wanted to reflect the space that can be shared, space, your lifestyle and gave him a sense of comfort and luxury inspires. Divided into two separate rooms, was fully renovated apartments are configured: a child living space for public service and the oldest father region has the number above. Living area includes storage equipment, storage room, library, refrigerator, television and bathroom. An interesting feature is the beautiful ceiling, hollow blocks made – is a detail of the tone for the bachelors. Also, the toilet. While a toto cst744s drake toilet would have been a great choice, the existing toilet combines a modern design with a unique conceptualization perfectly.Wood and concrete on the basis of design, and personal items to decorate contemporary room. [source]