Beautiful Black Exterior Patio House in Oslo by Dahle Dahle Breitenstein

Built in Oslo, Norway, this black patio house has beautiful looking in exterior which designed by Dahle Dahle and created in 8 pieces in different way. Set of 4 two-storey house and garden design based on a very rare row house and stands as the best architecture in the Nordic country.You love feeling of home, from the entry point. At the entrance to the house have a garden, you need to go to the entrance. Finally, the design houses that provide sufficient coverage in the coming out of the building.
Built of concrete and faced with a narrow wooden board on the walls of both long and short horizontal lines on the facades, love, home in the green energy black because feautures 100 square meters of solar panels that are mounted on the front on the south side. All apartments have floor heating systems the addition of water gas heater. [source]