Wooden House Architecture in The Tower Form

This is some pictures of a house architecture which shaped in the tower form and wooden features. This tower house, located along Lake Travis. The latest version of the House of Scientists Anderson tower deign to appear with some additional space in an old house design of the tower. This means that the new design of the tower house with two bedrooms, living room and bathing area for a group of people to gather and enjoy in common. The architect decides bedrooms new different towers. There are two small bedrooms occupy the first and second floors. On the terrace, which at thirty feet, you can breathe blowing from the lake. You can have a panoramic view of the lake from the terrace. You can see the view on the ground and the nature of the terrace. Get more space to live and enjoy with friends at the house of the tower. The tower offers the best experience to enjoy with friends and the best scenery of nature. [source]