Unique House Design, The Conch-Shell House

Art and tourism is full of un-ordinary things, this is the one example, The Conch-Shell House, an unique house design from Mexico. And if these two areas combined, the result should be impressive no one would be interested. Thus, the most exotic and rare on Earth and most impressive hotels with the highest influx of tourists. I found this strange and incredible house can be rented by tourists, it offers all these features: unusual appearance, a wonderful place – in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, the Caribbean and all conditions for comfortable and enjoyable stay.

People call it the “shell” after the manner that inspires and looks just like a snail. Designed and built by architect Octavio Ocampo and completely white. Architect with all the details shells, including tips and if you want to see, because it represented within the human mind can not, which covers life in a shell around its core is not observed.

Interior of the house remains the same track helix and has all kinds of sea shell motifs made in the form of sinks, faucets, pillar coral real dress small shells and shell lamps, beds and much more. The bedroom has a large round and full, and winding stairs, and on other floors.