Tea Museum of China, Unique Architecture of Meitan Museum

Founded this unique architecture from China, it came from a tea museum named Meitan Museum. Apparently there are many creative architects in the world who dare to find new and innovative designs for buildings that create it. For example, some buildings were not like the building, but they seem to have different things you can find in the kitchen, for example. This is especially true for China Tea Museum Meitan.
China is regarded as the country has grown as the traditional occupation of tea and green tea produced here is known around the world know. Thus, we can say that the region in China, the country green tea and Seitan hometown of green tea may be called. Not surprisingly, they thought that the discovery of major museum of tea. And to make things perfect, the Chinese thought it would be a good idea to make it look like a giant boiler.
Directly in front of her, you can also see a huge glass of water complete the picture. When you see the construction of the trail that they do not realize that there is a real building, but believes that an optical illusion, or maybe someone just a trick, things look bigger. But that’s because you can not see the window distance, visible only when you are approaching.
The building is 73.8 meters long and has a maximum diameter of 24 meters.