Sustainable Modern Home Design, Comfortable Living Space

This sustainable home design accommodate the following people’s choice, the modern and the comfort. So, HIVE Modular built this prefabrication home design that has the modern and comfortable living space features.

B-Line is a small one of these models with a flat roof sound design. It is 990 square meters house with 6 rooms: 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. It costs $ 185/sq ft to build. Coverage of the house by a fiber cement. The interior of the use of environmentally friendly products, including concrete countertops, interior design, make no VOC paint, frame and FSC certified wood flooring at the local level. In addition to rainwater harvesting has been installed and all energy efficient appliances. The house is a good example of modern life with nothing superfluous, it is easy to construct and use environmentally friendly technology.[source]