Sliding Barn House, Modern Style with Glass House Design Touch

Modern barn house touched with little design of glass house, it become real when DRMM Architects created this self-build house in Suffolk, UK, a sliding technology also built into this house. Materials used for this house retractable wood, steel, rubber, glass and aluminum. Outside, wood paneling covers the entire rolling stock, while the solid walls are made of glass.

Gliding from one extreme to another, the shell house dress people more options when it comes to appearance, behavior and attitudes at home. Movement has motors in the wheels were driven into the wall is hidden. Tracks can be expanded in the future, if a customer wants to build a swimming pool. Clean lines, a barn or shed can be seen in a modern architectural design. Three separate structures form at home: the main house, garage and outbuildings. Beautiful and practical, the House of sliding pleasure to look at the same time to know their properties. [source]