MVRDV Work in Unique Balanced Barn House

Dutch Studio MVRDV had a responsible to design a contemporary building in the English countryside, they work on this balanced barn house which have unique architecture. As a result, the balance of the barn, cottage striking midnight boom rents for courage. The structure of 30 meters will anchor the concrete core and heavier materials in the center of the base and coating of shiny metal. Traditional form of the barn remains, but the consequences of interpretation, while the building is perfectly embodies the principle of postmodernism: the money and challenge the traditional context. Life is adventure. Visitors or guests paused on the ground and the tree simultaneously. Span was built in the final suspension, with a touch of surrealism. The building can accommodate up to 8 vguests, designed with contemporary interiors and comfortable theme of the studio Makkini Bay and work of British artists. [source]