Modern Wooden House from Japanese Architect

Japanese, Seiichi Kubo, Yoshinobu Kagiyama and Mine Muratsuji from Japanese architecture firm Archivi Architects & Associates designed this modern wooden house in Wakura. Like appearance, is covered with a wooden house (in particular, from local Japanese cedar and cypress made Japanese) is too much dominated by natural wood interior. Today, glass on the interior walls with a flood of natural light, illuminating the room opens, which covers an area of kitchen and dining room, dominated the second attic floor. From floor to ceiling (the ceiling are covered with plywood Lauan), this wooden house is clearly a rustic feel to it, in my personal life of one of the most important design features – The Great Escape, from the comfort of your own. Make your way down the stairs and on the second floor of the track leading to the terrace overlooking the courtyard, open landscape, surrounded by sliding glass walls surrounded by the boundaries between internal and external. On each floor, each room has access to go on deck to take full advantage of nature. In connection with the green and Wakaura Bay, Japanese local landmark, offering stunning views over the city home. [source]

photo credit: Yutaka Kinumaki