Minimalist Architecture in Contemporary House Design

Has natural environment in our house is very good, it’s reflected in this contemporary house design which have minimalist architecture. This house is located in the timber on the beach Meco Sesimbra near Lisbon, is to establish good relations with its beautiful scenery and the natural environment of space.

Jorge Mealha architect of this house to live happily with nature. Interior of the house is designed with the finest materials and accessories to a slim and stylish. Staircase, the main stream and the bridge between superior rooms are made of white metal and glass. Windows of the house was opened in an obvious way to capture breathtaking views of the landscape. You will get complete comfort and peace in this house. The main goal of this project is to maintain the relationship between man and nature. The interior of the house is very elegant and good. Get the best experience of living in this house. The architecture of this house is very attractive. [source]