Inverted Home Design, Amazing Architecture called Wonderworks

Most people says that roof is on the top and floor is the base in the bottom, but this is inverted home design, inverted from most people think about house and this amazing architecture called as the Wonderworks. I’m talking about ordinary houses, because there are few houses that are unusual on its head, may cause unusual ground.These indifferent parts of the world, each of which they saw with their foundations in the air and the roof of the building has a history of reason to be constructed in such a manner.
For example, it’s pretty blue house in Germany and very much like a normal house … except that everything in the opposite direction. It was designed and built Klaudiusz Voice & Sebastian and Mikiciuk was the assertion that only wanted to do something else. It was built, who built this way and not like an ordinary house, and then back. This is an absolutely safe place to live if you do not mind cheating unusual position wall and ceiling damage. At present the museum, where people on all furniture sticking to the roof to search for.

The house next door, what you see here is in Poland and is currently a very popular restaurant. Owners say it’s his word against communism, and all things in my mind that in this period compared. What you can admire about this amazing attraction for tourists from around the world in Orlando, California? Wonder Works is home to many shows and attractions in the name, to the delight of young visitors. [source]