Integrated Dock and House of Boat with Two Level Floating Home Design

Michael Meredith of Toronto-based MOS designed this floating home, two-level home architecture and integrating with boathouse and the dock which located in the meeting of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. This house is floating in the water between the trees by the wind and terrain typical of Canadian Shield rock – not an easy place to build, but definitely worth the effort. This picturesque town, a boat trip of 20 minutes’ drive from the coast, described the perfect backdrop for this home on the island, which hung as a “collar” of the buildings around the island – the main building with a built-in dock and marina, and a number of separate houses, in which there are many guests spend the night perch their summer here. Wooden house with the environment, to touch, offers the Perfect Getaway seem. Inside, only 1250 square feet, is also considered wood – walls, ceilings, floors and even bathroom accessories. [source]