Energy Savers Home Architecture from Prentiss Architect

Prentiss Architect work for this architecture, a home which have energy sources and environment for saving. Chuckanut Drive home designed by architect Prentiss in Washington State. Design of the house is offered with a large solar panels to generate electricity for homes and promoting rainwater harvesting and water resources. The main goal of this project is that the kind of homes that do not affect the environment. This house accommodation for large families, with spacious rooms and spaces.

The interior of the house has a variety of colors and accessories. This means that the house to save completely luxurious home with the latest technology for environment and energy. The architect wanted to reflect the design of these Asian customers, it’s design. There are more opportunities to expand their living space and form can be provided on the nature of their homeland. Source of water and photovoltaic modules to help save power and energy. [source]