Contemporary Office Design with Wooden Material in Mexico City

This contemporary office design is combined with wooden material inside, this ACBC Office is located in Mexico City. The original concept was very functional, modern to create a home. The project was intended to create, through language and environment, architecture not to mention the traditional / institutional, based on the premise that in the workplace as a second home, where workers for most of our time.

The combination of natural materials such as marble and wood, as opposed to paint, glass, steel and iron, contributes to a balanced composition of colors and textures at the same time, the combination of modern design and warm.

In the elevator lobby of the difference between white and black marble slabs Calacata steel causes kind of contradictory effects. This approach leads to a lobby that changes in the sounds of an elegant and warm atmosphere through education in this area: Rosso Levanto marble, wood-paneled walls of Papagayo and glass with a black supernatant liquid crystal display, which appears and disappears temporarily.

Located at the end of the foyer of the Executive Secretariat, an area bounded by geometric ornament etched glass doors, with paintings and engravings Piranessi Jose Villalobos. This part of the project consists of two executive offices, conference room and a living room, fully equipped with modern furniture, wooden walls and ceiling plaster ceilings in combination with grooves, hidden injection air conditioning. Velvet curtains complements Wednesday coziness and elegance. [source]