Contemporary and Classic Architectural, A Traditional Dutch House Design

This traditional Dutch house has contemporary design and classic architectural, the original Netherlands house. Traditional Dutch design meets modern in this amazing building in our ITE covered with plenty of hay. Residents of the family who wanted a simple life of the mixture on the field with a contemporary need to get close to town. So they decided to put his house on the edge of Zoemeer build Netherlands.
Arjen Reas architects had to come to the modern cubism is ideally suited for the desert landscape. Using materials such as hay and white plaster, created a space where light can cover every corner, open kitchen with access to laundry, bathroom, closet, large living room and dining room on the first floor and second level there is a bedroom and second bathroom and three other bedrooms. Functions of the basement as a garage and storage room. The breathtaking landscapes, each corner of the house opens people a sense of relaxation at home. [source]