Casa Kimball, A Luxurious Beach House with Atlantic Ocean Panorama

This private beach house named Casa Kimball, a luxurious villa design located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic which face-to-face with awesome panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. Although large terraces, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and large windows are designed to be shielded from view of neighboring villages. Interior merge into outdoor rooms, all designed to allow the sea breeze in the shade from the sun during the year. Villa about 20.000 square meters and has two indoor and two outdoor classes, a dining room with sea view overlooking the pool and bar outside the center.

45 long pool is the central Kimball House is one of its main features. Each room in the house has a view of the infinity and beyond to the ocean. Three different platforms in the pool, guests can lie on the water, sit and lounge. Using a blue mirror tiles, changes in the pool surface in the color of the ocean. Swimming in the ocean creates the illusion of being in the sea itself, but nothing has infinite horizon, where the water meets the sky. [source]