A Combination Traditional Home and Modern Features, The Texas Hill Road Residence

The Texas Hill Road Residence is one of house architecture which combining traditional styles and modern features, mixed of innovation and aesthetics aspect. This is a perfect blend of Western and Eastern traditions. From building materials used in this house for the design, all very accurately. The structure of the house is unique. The basic structure of the house is part of the walls, ceiling and columns. Geodesic design house are very different, and it grabs all the attention. Not only at home but the place itself increases the brightness of this home. You can see the advantage of the asymmetry and symmetry. This house is an excellent example of engineering conytemporary touch of history. If you are a married couple, this place is an ideal haven for you. Extent of vegetation around the house more beautiful and the rooms are in a way that focuses on the final window in the house, which makes a better view of the landscape. [source]