Unusual House Architecture, A Stone House Plans

An unusual architecture, stone house plans which it so beautiful and simply design. This house is ideally located in Spain, the Spanish architect Antonio Garcia-April Ensemble Studios has been developed. Dubbed the “truffle” House special feature of this cave house, which was excavated from the cow – the house was built by stacking bales of hay in a cave in the earth, and fill the remaining space is pouring the concrete. The whole mass then exhumed and hay with the help of Pauline, a cow from one year at lunchtime in the business. Described as the architect. Nose piece of nature is built from the ground, air-filled spaces within the rock sitting on the floor and off the field of mixed She disguises, through emulation of the formation of minerals in its structure, and integrated with the natural environment, to observe its own laws. “The Green House has created a crude sense of style, with rough stones, walls and ceiling. [source]
{ photo credit: Roland Halbe }