Unique House Design with Roof Entrance

This house design has unique and unusual style, a roof entrance, but not only that unique style makes this house is so great, the architect –Antonio Sofan– mixed this small house with minimalist, luxury, modern and glass house style into the all house element. From above, a modern underground structure is almost invisible, but for the flat wooden ceiling. Below, the modern part of the house, such as geometric wooden facade, walls of glass and glass blocks are designed for modern convenience. At this point you may wonder how to get it in this unusual house – try the roof. Yes, it is also regarded as the door hatch and a flashlight. On the court, to the ceiling, roof, stairs orange tile, which leads into the depth and slopes in a modern and minimalist interior – with glass walls, full of light and luxury. At only 100 square meters. This fashion house is small, but powerful in a confined space and style. [source]