Sodae House, Unusual Angled Glass House Design

Came from VMX Architects from Netherlands, this glass house has unusual angle and has contemporary style which named Sodae House. Contemporary house on the island has an unusual mix of angles and glass, so it is unlikely that the match between the natural environment on the island Kostverlorenkade one in Amsterdam. “The starting point for the concept of perception of the landscape, buildings in the Zuid How high and Rembrandt Tower and the type of aircraft traveling to and from Schiphol,” says the architect. The ground floor has been converted into a den of all kinds, from the most intimate of the house, a bedroom and the bathroom is occupied. The strike in the garden, he feels one with the landscape. On the top floor, where all living and socializing going on, with an open kitchen concept and loft-style living room nice and cold glass walls. Working below ground level, and the game work with a basement and home theater. The whole house encapsulates an eclectic style from the outside, but in its strange mixture, each component of luxury. [source]