Popular Passive House in Germany by WeberHaus

Prefabricated Passive House designed by WeberHaus has solid architecture and solid construction, this house gain great popularity in Germany. You may be surprised to learn that teams WeberHaus Passive House actually uses 90 percent less energy than conventional homes. German construction WeberHaus something from experts in the field of conservation of energy, with more than 29,000 passive houses built by the company’s inception in 1960. Very low power for a passive house is possible by the use of “passive” energy sources – solar energy, geothermal energy and energy loss in the heat of a body of residents and waste heat devices. Passive solar home systems, controlled ventilation, heating and heat recovery and equipped with the European Installation Bus (EIB) to control lighting and blinds. Other features include a compass roof, round window in the front wall, inclined supports a balcony and large windows facing south for maximum solar energy. [source]