Modern Houses in Forest Environment, A Slop Home Design

This slop modern house was designed by Michael Rantilla from Freelon Group who creative man behind the Rantilla Residence, placed in the middle of forest environment. presented in the near Raleigh, North Carolina, beautiful land with forested slopes and attractive problematic features of this home. Under the zoning, the creek and the steep slope, the architect of this three-storey house designed cooling system with three very different volumes, each addressing different areas and design with each other and nature. In addition, the appearance, this innovative system more layers of the outer spheres of life (this is the beginning of each group, and shadow refuge among them) are not surprising cover note extends beyond the floor. Inside this house is very modern, “industrial” and complement the dominant presence of the walls and concrete floors of stylish materials such as stainless steel urban and large glass walls. [source]
{ photo credit: Mark Herboth }