Japanese Workshop Homes Design with Barn House Style

Built in Hamamatsu City by Japanese architecture firm Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates, this workshop homes has barn house style. This industrial-chic house “home” rotation, which makes it an inspiring work and housing. The three-story concrete and wood barn stands on a hill with breathtaking views of the sea and horizon. From the facade of an unusual group of home-style, light can penetrate from the inside out, the hotel offers a shimmering effect. Inside the house a large open space, and is open from wooden posts and beams, giving it a “workshop” style. Glass walls line floor, the interior with natural light flooding, while blurring the boundaries between internal and external. Japanese Shoji Sliding partitions dividing the interior expansion of the definition of various aspects of life. In a sudden turn, the home of bright tiles were crowned. [source]