Italian Modern and Minimalist House Design from Andrea Oliva

Designed by Andrea Oliva, this is one of best Italian house design with modern and minimalist style. This simple modern interior design to the core of your property as a simple flat, rectangular, flat roofs and a neutral palette of white and black, are abruptly against the backdrop of lush greenery. Two key elements define the field of home design: the concrete and plaster porch (which is a favorite spot for outdoor entertaining in summer), and then the main part of the house. Windows provides a clean and modern facade, in order to fix the structure, while the pastoral view of the earth covered with grass, seemingly endless. The interior is light and spacious, with a dotted white wood-frame and some features, but also fashionable – we love to watch the stairs! The flat roof is equipped with solar panels to meet all environmental design house with electricity and hot water. [source]
{photo credit: Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert}