Hawaiian Small Cottage, A Environmentally Friendly House Design

Small plans, cottage design , built in Hawaii and has environmentally friendly house design is so respectable house plans. After their first home from the lava of the land, architect Craig Steely designed this house cool with a funky and natural gift, organic. What is simple, “Lavaflow 2” does not play a secondary role when it comes to creative and modern design. At the edge of a precipice, 1400 square feet .- ft. concrete cantilever slab foundation of the house, which is involved in large areas of glass, again, stunning sea views. Sea front a large covered terrace to enjoy your favorite outdoor use at all times. Inside the modern concrete floors and walls of rich natural wood ceilings and turn a traditional design on its head. Beautiful bath tub in the middle of the round, with round lantern down the bird’s-eye view of the boundless blue. Funky details add fun to Touch the modern home, such as Red Hot match tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen Backsplash, bright and fabulous furniture throughout the world. [source]