Environmentally Friendly Beach House Design

Designed by Robles Arquitectos, this beach house has eco-friendly design for family vacation in Costa Rica. If for no other reason, this magnificent place – Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, five per cent of the world’s biodiversity assets – inspired focus on environmentally friendly design, construction and life. The house is part of an initiative ISEAMI (Institute for Sustainable Development, ecology, art, spirit and scientific research), the head office is in the house in the access to shared resources Point was on the very slopes. The first floor is public space for study, meditation and yoga, as above, plays at home with the director of the institute. Playa de las endless prospects asked architects to assume many of the balconies, sliding glass walls and outdoor activities, blurring the line between internal and external. In this house of green design, architecture office of his theory of Enviro-architecture, SDRA (Robles Dynamic System Architecture) for analysis of 10 factors, including climate, energy, water, materials, environment, atmosphere, value, innovation and passive methods of design and construction. This house, which has been isolated in a 30-minute drive from the nearest town, is 100 percent self-sufficient, demonstrating that it is possible to live off-grid and on a flat surface with some of the most elegant, luxurious apartments there. [source]

{ photo credit: Juan Robles }