Cool Barn House by CCS Architecture San Francisco

An unusual barn house design by San Francisco architecture company, this cool barn house has classy look outside and quite different style inside. This house is the breadbasket of San Francisco was designed architecture CAC actually two buildings, one overlapping the other in a staggered roof heights. Located in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California, at the front, features wooden panels tanned in different colors – the reuse shed – offers visual diversity of this huge building, topped by two perpendicular Corten roof. Measuring 2,800 square feet, the interior was the natural range of concrete floors, wood, stone and steel. “Hands” of the structure is designated as a bedroom and another room. Expansive, open continuous sliding glass doors to the terrace with panoramic views over 32 meters in width. Although it is rustic, mountain looks of this house, of course, is not enough. Here are two cabins, swimming pool, archery and a sauna. [source]