Amazing 360 degree House Ideas, The Subarquitectura

Has long house design but not enough space area to build? This house has amazing ideas to make 360 degree house from long design house, this is called Subarquitectura by it’s architect. In accordance with the name “Casa 360, this court Spanish architect design a sub-architecture on all sides, is impressive. The structure of spiral winds around in a linear design, which is located on the upper level of overlap begins and ends on the first floor overlooking the pool. this case a picture is worth a thousand words so check out the photos to get an idea of a modern style house. Windows line the outer wall, flooding interiors with natural light and drawing residents and visitors, a 360-degree view of the gardens. On the part of the facade of black shale in sharp contrast with the cold, modern interior is covered in white. [source]
{ photo credit: David Frutos Ruiz }