White and Modern Minimalist House Design

This house is belongs to Romolo Stanco, with 120 square meter loft and located on the top floor of the house in Piacenza, Italy- this house is so modern and white themed. The first floor is 81 square meters, while the first floor is 42 square meters. White color dominates touching the ground and shadow, distance, and the individual elements, such as chairs, sofa, table and other furniture. Entering the house to make an open space, the balance between the linearity of the long wall, which looks for the most important parallel to impose. The central structure of the table window (design for Romolo Stanco Nicolai), and then Panton chairs (Verner Panton Vitra) filter is an open space, living in a quiet, sober, which is also surrounded by a counterpoint to the bed. Loft, which can only back up to the suspension of the dinosaurs, such as steps to be achieved, the spa at night. It is separate from the courtroom on the glass that has the same function as the wings of the theater. Key bed, bath low against the expressive (“La Vasca”, by Matteo Thun.) [source]