Styrofoam Prefab House by International Dome House Inc

This prefab dome created from Styrofoam and futuristic design from International Dome House Inc. The company, based in Japan, has developed a modern design house will be accompanied by a long list of benefits. House House International Inc, said that the material contains polystyrene active oxygen leads to the prevention of aging and improve the health of the house and its inhabitants. 7 inches of expanded polystyrene, wall insulating properties of ultra reduce unwanted heat loss / gain and power consumption. Japanese House dome offers versatility in modular design. Key measures of the dome 25 meters in width and 13 feet in height, with 475 square feet. Earth. From there, more and more of the dome are constructed by adding additional modules. Adding to the strength of the structure of years, weathering resistance, seismic resistance and ease of installation, and you have an excellent design. House kits start at $ 30000 in. [source]