Puzzle-shaped House, an Experimental Green House Design

It is so experimentally house design, not much green houses have an experimentally design -specially puzzle-shaped-red like this McBride’s design. By selectively remove parts of the surface, this feeling inside, and surrounded by gardens. Spherical shell also offers beautiful interiors on the ground floor.
The interior, in contrast to the outside world mostly linear form, which often appear as components of puzzles. Not only the shape, color and materials, but gives an idea not entirely a mystery. While such a mixture does not remove the comfort of home. The house also a lot of “green technologies”.
Rainwater is collected from the gutters Lined with a copper roof with hidden and stored in rainwater tanks installed under the table to south. Dome house also uses solar water heating systems, drip irrigation system and double glazing garden to maximize the use of energy. These simple elements of a comprehensive and sustainable home to minimize the aesthetic impact of adoption.