Mountain Prefab House Architecture with Basketball Court in Aspen

Built in near Aspen Mountain, Colorado – this prefab house have luxurious interiors and private basketball court. This innovative design does not skimp on pre-indulgence, as well as individual houses to new heights. From the cold into a warm facade, wood interior, this modern house is a reflection of its people, because for them it (the project with the help of professional FLATPAK of course). Each element of the housing selected from the à la carte, from the outside, the interior configuration of the walls, cabinets and fixtures, kitchens and bathrooms, corners and angles. The process seems almost too simple – every FLATPAK house starts with 8 foot. wide wall of a factory. With all the walls, choose: “glass, no glass, some of the high glass, frosted glass, glass, open glass, made some,” says FLATPAK. The interior is made on two legs at a time. FLATPAK House met not only their neighbors, curves and shapes with their environment. In the end if you have a stunning view of the mountains, you would in itself no injustice by creating a window or two thoughtful posts.